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Bye Bye Brooklyn.

Delivered with a heavy heart.

As of July 1st, our doors in Brooklyn will be closing. 

Don't worry, we will still be around doing our thing.

We will remain active on the world wide web, social realms as well as our shop / studio in Portland, OR.

2020 has dealt us some major crap to sift through. There is a ton that we won't be able to move through,

BUT there is also plenty that we have chosen NOT to move through.  

If there is anything that this unprecedented time has presented is clarity and the opportunity to leave behind aspects of life that are not serving us.

Right now life feels too precious. Right now we need to be more thoughtful. Right now I feel tired.

Our future will include a greater commitment to maintaining a conscious, transparent and inclusive space. 

We look forward to sharing more once the fog clears.


On that note.... WE GOTTA SELL SOME SHIT.

Seriously! We need to move some merch! 



It's been real.