• IGWT - Drinking Situation

IGWT - Drinking Situation


Glass mason jar with metal lid and metal straw.  Do your part for the earth with this Situation-- we take ours to the coffee shop every day for an iced americano, but it makes a helluva margarita container.  We wanna stop contributing to the Texas-sized floating trash island in the ocean, and lord only knows that you do, too.  BPA-free.

Get this guy engraved with something special! Give it as a super useful, personalized gift or make sure no one steals it from you at work and pretends like it's theirs. Engraving will be where engraver thinks it looks best unless otherwise specified. Use your judgement - we can't fit the constitution on there. Enter your engraving in the order note when you purchase and we will make sure it looks perfect.

Custom orders are allowed 7-10 business days in the studio to be completed. Please consult our Custom Order Policy (located at the bottom of every page) for guidelines and frequently asked questions.  If what you're looking for is not covered by the given parameters, do NOT place your order online - e-mail us at our studio at: Orders@ingodwetrustnyc.com and we can help you find what you are looking for.


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