We can care for & repair your IGWT jewelry. Honest prices for honest repairs. 

18” brass replacement chain $10
18” sterling silver replacement chain $40

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Although the nature of brass is to tarnish, almost all of our brass jewelry is solid brass, making it much easier to get it back to its original luster. For flat pieces like our sweet nothings,a polishing cloth will usually do the trick. Setting it on a flat surface and rubbing the pendant face down on top of it will work wonders; you might have to put some elbow grease into it depending on the state of your pendant. For pieces with nooks and crannies, it’s probably easier to buy a brass cleaner (you can just drop your jewelry into and let the liquid work its magic). Don’t forget about it! If you dont want to be bothered, we would love to do it for you.


For discolorations, we recommend coating the surfaces that touch your skin with clear nail polish. Sometimes it rubs off and needs a fresh paint job. This works best for rings and cuffs. For brass pieces with chain, it’s probably a better idea to opt for a different metal that won’t react with your skin, like gold or silver. We're happy to custom-make almost any of our pieces in a different metal if the design allows.


Silver, one of the quickest metals to oxidize, generally needs regular cleaning. To get that glimmer back, silver polish from your local drugstore will get your goods gleaming in a jiffy. A polishing cloth will also work on flat pieces (see brass instructional). For silver pieces that are oxidized (dipped in a silver blackener for a dark patina), this color will sometimes wear away and your jewelry will be left looking straight up silver. If you are interested in blackening it again, feel free to drop it off to have it re-oxidized. We’ll do it for free if you swing by, but you’ll have to pay shipping if you don’t live in the 'hood.


Gold, what a lovely metal. Shiny, bright and expensive. All of our gold pieces are solid 14kt yellow gold unless stated or otherwise requested. You should not experience any oxidization or allergies with gold. That's why it is the metal of the gods.


Some of our older pieces are plated gold. This will wear off eventually, especially with heavy use. If you are interested in re-plating your piece of jewelry, we would be glad to do it for you for a flat fee of $15 (plus shipping, unless you plan to pick it up). This usually takes about 2 weeks.


We now sell 'em! Be prepared. Pick one up along with your order here.

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